COUG 15th Dec. Event featuring Trevor Roskewich from Nulli Secundus Inc.

Speaker: Trevor Roskewich, Senior Identity Architect at Nulli Secundus Inc.

  • Trevor is a Senior Identity Consultant, from Nulli, with extensive expertise in information technology services. He has international business acumen in the financial services, energy, telecom, manufacturing, health care and government industry verticals
  • Trevor has a Bachelor of Sciences degree from the University of Alberta and a Masters Certificate in Project Management from York University. With over 10 years of Identity Management experience with Novell, Sun and Oracle technologies, Trevor has help many organizations plan, design and deploy identity solutions

Presentation: Identity of the Enterprise

Human Capital Management (HCM), also known as Human Resources (HR), is a critical application forming the foundation of every business’ success. Knowing who your people are and what role they play along with associated cost/benefit metrics is what HCM/HR applications are best at performing. Trevor will be speaking to best practices for HCM/HR and how they can support maximizing the financial and business process returns of deploying and managing enterprise provisioning and role management.

  • HCM applications are also a principle source of an organizations’ identity data and thus is critical to your identity, access governance and security processes
  • In the past, HCM/HR data was viewed as the foundation data for payroll and benefits accounting whereas today it is also the basis upon which security applications, account provisioning solutions, business process management solutions and access management solutions are built
  • See how HCM/HR professionals are embracing organization middleware applications that rely upon employee and contract employee information to provide enhanced security and services to the employees they manage today
  • This presentation will be of interest to identity management analysts, architects, systems analysts, business analysts, HR managers, HR specialists, security specialists and business process analysts. Come and hear real world accounts and suggestions for staying on top of this topic of growing importance

Date: Thursday December 15, 2011
Registration: 8:00 a.m.
Presentation: 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
Location: Suncor Energy Centre (West Tower)
150 6th Avenue SW
17th floor – Room E

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