COUG Members November 18th Presentation


Super Size Me, Clash of the Titans and GoldenGate Overview

Oracle has acquired more than 54 companies in the past 6 years. Each company brought with it a unique culture, a complete suite of information technology tools and infrastructure, and employees who were nervous about the changes in their lives and workplace.

With humor and candor, Paul Bekker will talk about how Oracle has addressed the challenges of creating one company from many, of combining email accounts, data centers and teams into a cohesive unit. The lessons about what has worked – and what hasn’t – are sure to help public sector leaders as they face many of the same challenges.

Paul will then focus on one of his favourite acquisitions, GoldenGate as the diamond in the rough for heterogeneous data transfer. He will explain what it does, how it works, why you care, and review a simple source to target implementation on his laptop. As Paul would say “26 megabytes of pure brilliances”

Speaker: Paul Bekker – Sales Consulting Manager Oracle, Public Sector, Oracle Corporation

Paul Bekker has spent the last 15 years at Oracle assisting clients with architecting highly available and reliable Oracle software solutions. Currently, he is working with Oracle’s Exadata team to assist clients drive significant benefits in cost savings and performance gains while consolidating and rationalizing their enterprise data centers. Paul has worked with Oracle Consulting, Oracle support and Oracle solution sales to integrate and adapt Oracle solutions to meet client requirements.


Where: Suncor Energy Centre, 150 6th Avenue SW, 17th floor Saguenay Room
When: Thursday October 21st, 2010.
Registration 8:00 AM, Presentation 8:30 AM, Duration: 1 hour



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