COUG Members September 30th Presentation


Oracle and EMC

Speaker: Rich Colbert


Rich Colbert is Director of Technology Consulting, Global Accounts for EMC Backup and Recovery Systems. Rich interacts daily with the largest enterprise customers in an effort to ensure that the backup and recovery solutions provided by EMC meet the needs of the most demanding storage environments. Rich will discuss how EMC backup and recovery solutions for Oracle use storage deduplication and replication to speed backup and recovery processes and reduce application impact.

Where: Suncor West Tower (Previous PetroCanada West Tower)150-6th Ave. S.W. Meeting Room Saguenay 17th Floor
When: Thursday September 30th, 2010.
Registration 8:00 AM, Presentation 8:30 AM, Duration: 1 hour


Please join COUG in welcoming EMC to our sponsors. EMC – The human need and capacity to imagine…to discover…to create…and to build relationships is based largely on the use and exchange of information. Information has the power to illuminate our world. But for this to happen, information must be intelligently and efficiently stored, protected, and managed—so that it can be made accessible, searchable, shareable, and ultimately actionable. At EMC, we enable the full realization of the inherent power of information by creating complete information environments that are reliable, efficient, and secure. The result is information that reveals its hidden potential, that’s fit and ready to use.



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