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June 15th Presentation featuring Willie Hardie from Oracle and Ryan Behiel from Veritas

1st Presentation: What’s New in Oracle Database 12c Release 2?

Oracle Database 12c has been the most rapidly adopted release in over a decade.
In this session we’ll provide a technical introduction to what’s new in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2)

1st Speaker: Willie Hardie, Oracle

  • Willie Hardie is Vice President of Oracle Database Product Management.
  • His areas of expertise include Oracle Database, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Real Application Clusters and other database features.
  • Willie has been in IT for more than 30 years, specialized in relational database technologies for more than 25 years, and has worked with Oracle Database since version 5.
  • I regular speaker at Oracle and User Group events, Willie also serves as Oracle Liaison on the IOUG Board of Directors.

2nd Presentation: “Oracle Backups – Benchmarked and Best Practices”

We know that RMAN is a tried and true Oracle backup technology.
But what about the load that RMAN creates while backups are occurring on your databases? And what about backup performance? What good is a great backup technology if using it forces you to miss your backup SLAs? We’ve performed extensive RMAN-based backup and restore tests that not only measure backup performance, but also the impact that backups have on your target Oracle database. In this session we will discuss in detail the results of this benchmark performance testing.

    Topics will include:

    • How to predict how fast your backups will actually occur
    • Backup performance and load comparison of different RMAN backups technologies
    • The load RMAN backups have on the Oracle DB server
    • Oracle’s incremental merge – we measure the performance advantages
    • How to match your backup methods with the realities of restores
    • Techniques for fast restores of multi-terabyte Oracle DB’s
    • Hardware recommendations to achieve that backup and restore results you need
    • Bring your technical Oracle data protection questions and join us to discover the latest methods for protecting and restoring your valuable Oracle data.

2nd Speaker: Ryan Behiel, Veritas

  • Ryan’s current focus is as a Solution Architect for Veritas focusing on enterprise business in western Canada.
  • Ryan works with many customers in areas such as Oracle data protection with NetBackup, and many other topics related to application performance, business resiliency and the software defined enterprise.
  • Prior to joining Veritas, Ryan has held other senior sales engineering roles including Fujitsu, where he focused on Fujitsu /Oracle hardware and software solutions.
  • Prior to his time as a sales engineer, Ryan spent a number of years as a technology consultant with TELUS focusing on managed data center solutions as well as application development and support.
  • Ryan is local to Calgary and has presented at several user conferences including VMworld, Veritas Vision and Cisco Live.

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