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September 21st Presentation Featuring Sarah Craynon Zumbrum, Oracle

Presentation: Introduction to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

Oracle’s analytics offering got a huge boost this spring with the release of the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)
This is a powerful set of integrated tools that allows your organization to see new and deeper trends into what your data is saying. If you think of OAC as a tree, you can see it is very mighty with versatile IaaS options as a tree trunk and limbs that include implementation options, data storage options, new mobile applications, and industry leading business intelligence and data visualization tools. From these limbs are leaves with upgraded and new features and data connections that integrate seamlessly with each other to form the OAC tree. This session seeks to educate the attendee on the different options available to organizations for implementing OAC and the features that come with each implementation option. Demos will also be shown so that the attendee has a full view of the strength and power of OAC.

Speaker: Sarah Craynon Zumbrum, Oracle

  • Sarah Craynon Zumbrum is an Oracle ACE Alumni (Director) and an Oracle Certified Implementation Specialist.
  • She is currently an Enterprise Cloud Specialist, Analytics, Public Sector for Oracle and author of the BI blogsite
  • Sarah has previously worked in-house as a business intelligence architect and as an EPM consultant, specializing in the Hyperion suite of tools.
  • She has spoken at numerous Oracle user groups and gives monthly webinars on various BI and analytics topics.
  • As a previous member of ODTUG’s Board of Directors and Hyperion SIG Board of Directors, she took her graduation from the inaugural ODTUG Leadership Program to heart and loves to help Oracle user groups.
  • She has served as a user group conference content reviewer for many years and enjoys the process.
  • As an avid triathlete, Ironman finisher (x2), marathoner, and general endurance athlete, she resides in Raleigh, NC where the cycling and running choices are always good and hilly.

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