December 17 Presentation

Presentation: Oracle Licensing – What you should consider before installing an Oracle product and what you should review if you already have

When installing and/or configuring Oracle, careful consideration should be given to licensing. Items like edition, license type, hardware, virtualization, hard partitioning, core factor and options can significantly impact the cost to your business. Existing licenses and configurations tend to change over time and this can lead to a gap in coverage which can lead to discrepancies for your next Oracle license review.

The discussion will cover recent experiences with the Oracle License Management Services (LMS) and the license review process and what can be done to prepare for the review. A regularly scheduled internal review process will also be discussed with the end goal of reconciling actual usage versus entitlement.

Speaker: Steve Recsky, First4 Database Partners Inc.

  • Steve Recsky has been working with Oracle Database products for the past 29 years and with Microsoft SQL Server products for the past 15 years
  • Steve held the position of Database Technical Specialist with DBCORP and CGI for 10 years and has owned and operated Complete DBA Inc. for the past 10 years. He is currently a Partner with First4 Database Partners Inc.
  • Steve has excelled in all areas of database management including training, mentoring, development, backup & recovery, performance tuning, security, installation and configuration, object management and resource management. He has presented at numerous national, international and local database venues including COUG, CIPS, Oracle World, PASS and IOUG.
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