COUG October 23rd Presentation featuring David S. Chang & Omar Ahmad from Oracle

Presentation: Part 1: “De-mystifying Oracle Licensing”

When architecting a business solution, the cost of licensing Oracle Technology is often calculated after the design has been hardened. Usually representing a significant portion of the overall project budget, many organizations underestimate these costs and are forced to scale back (with a less than optimal solution) or request approval for additional funding.  

  • This session will explain fundamental licensing rules, formulas, and exceptions that will enable you to design while projecting costs, to maximize the value of your license assets and answer questions such as:
    – Which Database Version do I need?
    – Should I license by Named User or CPU (and can I change later)?
    – Are there any licensing alternatives/options?
    – How does Clustering and Virtualization impact licensing?

Presentation: Part 2: “Reducing the Complexity and Cost of running a Data Centre”

Up to 32% of all Oracle support requests are directly related to configuration and performance issues in a multi-vendor environment. Oracle Linux and VM is a fully supported and certified platform across the Oracle product stack.  

  • This session will introduce the key benefits and advantages when using Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualization including:
    – License cost containment
    – Improving security and availability with Ksplice
    – Reducing time to deploy enterprise applications with VM Templates
    – Leveraging Enterprise Manager 12c to automate Operating System and Database provisioning for repeated deployment

Speakers: David S. Chang and Omar Ahmad from Oracle

  • David Chang is the National Sales Manager with the Oracle Linux & VM Global Business Unit. Based in Toronto, he reports up into the Office of the Chief Architect in Redwood Shores and leads a team of Business and Technical resources across the country. Joining Oracle in 2003, Mr Chang has held Management roles with Database & Fusion Middleware Sales and in 2012, undertook National responsibility for Oracle Virtualization and Linux
  • Omar Ahmad is the Principle Sales Consultant for Linux and Virtualization at Oracle. Mr. Ahmad joined Oracle in 2012 and has co-authored an Oracle VM white paper with DELL “Migrating an Oracle VM Environment across Heterogeneous Storage Arrays”.

Date: Friday October 23, 2014
Registration: 8:00 am
Presentation: 8:30 am – 9:30 am

Presentation Location:
University of Calgary Downtown Campus
906 ­ 8th Avenue SW
Room 626

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